Key Focus Areas

TGL identifies niche growth areas available to be developed with innovative business models that will ensure adequate revenue streams. TGL’s key focus areas are Financial Services and Tourism in SSA due to the perceived growth potential of these sectors within SADC and its impact on SME development. Own strategic acquisitions are completed to compliments investments in the other two sectors.

Tactic Finacial Services (Pty) Ltd

  • Pillar 1: Banking (retail and investment banking)
    Pillar 2: Specialised finance
    Pillar 3: Private Equity Fund Management
    Pillar 4: Investment services
    Pillar 5: Insurance (short-term and long-term)

Tactic Tourism Holdings (Pty) Ltd

  • Own strategic acquisitions
    3rd Party asset management
    Training and development

Tactic Property Holdings (Pty) Ltd

  • Strategic Acquisitions in identified niches


Tactic Financial Services Group (TFS) aims to satisfy the specific need amongst entrepreneurs and existing SME’s operating in SSA in terms of obtaining sufficient funding and associated financial services for starting or expanding their businesses. In addition, there is a specific need amongst investors wishing to invest in SME’s to utilise the services of an honest broker with expertise in the SME market in SSA.

As a consequence of the high transactional cost involved and inability of small enterprises to provide the collateral banks require, SME’s find themselves starved for funds at all stages of their development ranging from start-up to expansion and growth.

TFS has committed to the establishment of a financial services group (Investment holding company with subsidiaries) that champions the needs of SME’s in SSA in order to create a sustainably successful future for entrepreneurs. TFS’s investments in financial services subsidiaries and their products are intended to address the needs of these entrepreneurs and SME’s. We envisage that our subsidiaries’ products will be tailor-made and adapted as research enhances their ability to find financial solutions to the problems that are currently hampering SME’s ability to secure funding.

Tactic Tourism’s strategy is to invest in boutique hotels and lodges in strategic identified regions in Southern Africa that research has indicated as popular tourism destinations; establish and build a third party management company to manage lodges and boutique hotels; transfer knowledge of tourism and eco-tourism management to Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (PDI’s) and BEE enterprises and the establishment of a specialised Tourism Private Equity Fund that will provide venture capital in the tourism industry.

  • Strategic Investments

Tactic strategy and main objective is to invest in strategic SME businesses in the SSA region for the benefit of Tactic Group.



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