Tactic Group Limited – (“TGL”) is an unlisted public company incorporated during 2003 in terms of the Companies Act of South Africa. The Memorandum and Articles adopted at incorporation of TGL is similar to that of a JSE listed public company.

TGL main business is that of Investment Holding Company. The main objective of the company has since incorporation remained unchanged and the company has purposely pursued this objective. TGL provides a shared services hub of excellence for its subsidiaries through the delivery and management of (amongst others) financial, investment, risk, actuarial, legal and executive functions. TGL also performs the treasury function for the Group. TGL revenue is mainly derived from management and administration fees from subsidiaries for the stated shared services, dividend income from subsidiaries and investment income as treasurer of the Group.

TGL has as investment strategy in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) the following sectors, namely:

 Financial Services sector;

 Tourism sector; and

 Own strategic investments for the benefit of TGL.

TGL foresees that in the following three financial years, the Group will be in a strategic acquisition phase, whereby the main focus will be to acquire current operational businesses in the three identified sectors. These acquisitions, although initially expensive, will be of carefully identified businesses that will fit into the Group culture, be operational and have sustainable revenue stream, or, have the required assets to generate such revenue stream with the input of TGL management. Subsequent to purchase these acquisitions will be carefully nurtured and grown in order to create real economic value for the benefit of the stakeholders.

TGL management team consists of a strong team of professionals with in-depth knowledge of SSA and has significant experience in strategy management, tourism, business restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, project management, development and venture capital investment, environmental protection, Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects, consulting, BEE strategy development and implementation, auditing (internal, external and forensic), financial management and international business. TGL Board has the necessary skills, experience, expertise and business know how to successfully steer TGL through the implementation of the next three year phase of strategic acquisitions.